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Alexander 'Technique' Experienced

(See: British Medical Journal, 2008)


Diana Devitt-Dawson is now offering,
Presentations / Public talks / Demonstrations
Medical & Allied Health professionals,
Musicans, Artists & Educators


In her presentations Diana clarifies that the Alexander 'technique' is a highly sophisticated kinaesthetic, psychophysical re-education in the use of the self and of one's reactivity. Alexander teacher's demonstrate, with specialised hands-on skills, Alexander's founding principles that prevent harmful postural habits and habits of reaction. The teacher gently facilitates the natural alignment of the head, neck and back relationship that affects the whole self allowing body-mind co-ordination, balance and natural breathing. The aim of Alexander lessons is, first and foremost, to heighten a pupil's sensory (kinaesthetic) awareness that allows a pupil to experience and so understand how-to apply the principles that make way for on-going change and freedom from stress, pain and anxiety. Alexander pupils (of all ages) can experience the benefits of conscious inhibition and conscious awareness - moment by moment, in all daily life activities and interactions, in music, sport, education, public speaking and in the creative arts.

Topic's include

  • Alexander 'technique' as a psychophysical re-education.
  • Alexander lessons as preventative, rehabilitative with pain management benefits.
  • Alexander's founding principles outlined.
  • How Alexander lessons can prevent harmful habits of use and reaction.
  • The principles that enhance learning and creativity
  • How and why Alexander lessons heighten conscious awareness for all ages - for Life!

Diana teaching

Marjory Barlow (Alexander's niece) demonstrating
the highly skilled hand placement necessary to
teach the Alexander principles.

Diana teaching

What Defines and Differentiates Alexander Lessons?

"Sensory appreciation conditions conception, you can’t know a thing by an instrument that is wrong."
F.M. Alexander

The quote above clarifies that Alexander recognised that a person with poor postural use of him/her self in daily life will find it extremely difficult to know what natural balance and alignment actually is. Poor postural habits dull one's sensory awareness and perception therefore, in order to make fundamental, on-going change and being upright, a person requires individual, hands-on Alexander lessons. Lessons involve teaching the pupil how to self-work for change, health and well-being - for Life!

Diana teaching a boy

Diana gives a spontaneous demonstration!
(video available on request)

Randomised Controlled Trial of Alexander technique Lessons, Exercise, and Massage (ATEAM) for Chronic and Recurrent Back Pain

Diana demonstrating the Alexander principles.

"Alexander Technique is a system that integrates the head with the heart ... it opens the mind, frees the voice, releases the body and nurtures the imagination."

Ben Donenberg
Artistic Director, Shakespeare Festival, LA.

Diana Devitt-Dawson teaching

A Time to Cultivate Resilience
The Alexander Lying-Down Procedure

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