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The Alexander Principle by Wilfred Barlow

The Alexander Principle by Wilfred Barlow

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"The uniqueness of the Alexander approach is that it emphasises using the mind and body in unity. The Alexander technique stresses unification in an era of greater and greater sub-specialisation. It enables patients with back trouble together better faster and stay better longer."

Jack Stern, M.D. Ph.D.
Neurosurgical Director, New York Medical College.


"Alexander Technique is a system that integrates the head with the heart ... it opens the mind, frees the voice, releases the body and nurtures the imagination."

Ben Donenberg
Artistic Director, Shakespeare Festival, LA.

Head of Training

Diana Devitt-Dawson

Diana Devitt-Dawson
Senior Teacher/Head of Training
RN/Midwife:- MBSR (stress management) & Harpist. See: Bio

New Course 2019
Alexander Technique Educator Training
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In 2019 Diana Devitt-Dawson, Head of Training at the Alexander Technique Institute North Sydney will be offering a new course Alexander Technique Educator Training. This new professional training will run 18 month to two years and is open to experienced pupils, primary & secondary school teachers, music teachers, healthcare professionals, vocal coaches and those seriously interested in studying the Alexander technique so as to educate others, children and adults, in the application of the principles that involve learning how to unlearn harmful postural and stressful habits of reaction to allow on-going, long term change.

The Alexander principles define and differentiate the teaching as a psychophysical re-eduction in the use of the self. Benefits include, freedom from postural pain, tension and stress, enhanced learning ability, mind/body integration, creativity and confidence with the ability to self-work (having a practical strategy) when meeting difficult or unusual situations including, performance anxiety and public speaking. Educator training will involve intensive application work, verbal and practical skills and studying the writings of F.M. Alexander in order to bridge theory with practice.

Expressions on interest: Email
Mobile: 0408 055 580.

"Alexander learned by observation and experiment upon himself, in the strictest scientific method, that the mechanism that determines the character of all reflex action lies in the reflexes governing the relationship of the head to the neck, and the neck to the spinal column. When this 'primary control' or our core structure is functioning as it should, it is sensed as an integrating force that allows freedom throughout the organism."

Prof. John Dewey

The Alexander Principle by Edward Maisel

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