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Alexander Technique Institute North Sydney

Specialised CPD Intensive weekends

Trainees / Post-Grads / Teachers
9am - 1pm
  • Refresh and refine your hands-on skills
  • Promoting the principles, jargon-free
  • Conducting an initial consultation & lesson
  • Teaching a first lesson (children & adults)
  • Introducing AT to GP’s & Medical specialists
  • Introducing AT to healthcare workers & professionals
  • Teaching people with back, neck and or shoulder pain
  • Teaching anxious and or stressed people, all ages
  • Teaching singers / public speakers / actors
  • Teaching musicians with & without instrument
  • AT during pregnancy, for birth and beyond
  • Teaching in difficult or unusual situations
  • The importance of voice in teaching and presenting
Diana instructing student

Head of training instructing student

Head of Training with 34 yrs teaching experience

Diana Devitt-Dawson, A second generation teacher and Head of Training, M.STAT, M.AUSTAT, M.ASPAH will be conducting Specialised CPD Intensive Weekends throughout 2019 at the Alexander Technique Institute in North Sydney. Each weekend intensive will be cumulative. Diana will be assisted with a senior teacher. The focus of the intensives is to refresh and refine hands-on and verbal skills while teaching and promoting the principles. We will also look at giving lessons to pupils with a wide variety of medical and or functional problems, and those who suffer from stress, anxiety or performance anxiety. Your specific teaching interests and learning needs will be met with individual attention and guidance. There will be discussion, a sharing of ideas and questions and answers.
Maximum 5 participants per day.

Diana teaching

CPD / Refresher with Diana

Teacher Training School

Currently being updated

Mark teaching

Mark with pupil

Patrick Macdonald teaching DVD

An instructional DVD demonstrating the specialised hands-on skills of the Alexander Teacher by 1st generation teacher and Head of Training Mr Patrick MacDonald, M.A. (CANTAB.) London.
See www.hiteltd.co.uk