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Diana Devitt-Dawson

Diana Devitt-Dawson

Hand placement

Hand placement

Diana Devitt-Dawson conducting CPD training in London

Diana conducting CPD
training in London

Come and Refresh Your Teaching Skills!
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2018 - 2019

Diana Devitt-Dawson, Head of Training is offering interstate CPD training throughout 2018-2019. Diana has been presenting in UK annually since 2012, she conducts STAT CPD training workshops in hands-on skills and offers private and shared lessons for individual instruction. Diana continues to visit training schools throughout UK and in 2016 she taught on a new school in Italy. The focus of Diana's CPD training is, (a) to offer guidance in how to self-work (applying the Alexander principles) while teaching others and in daily life, (b) to help refine and refresh hands-on skills to be able to demonstrate the Alexander principles i.e., learning to stop (inhibit), and to direct the head, neck and back relationship of pupils, and (c) to have discussion and to share her 30 years teaching experience with a wide variety of pupils from medical referrals with all sorts of problems, to children, instrumentalists and singers with functional disorders or performance anxiety, and to teaching women how best to apply the Alexander principles during pregnancy in preparation for birth and beyond! Diana also advises the importance re-reading the books of F.M. Alexander in particular Constructive Conscious Control of the Individual and The Universal Constant in Living in order to ensure an accurate teaching of Alexander's principles - in the name of the Alexander Technique is being passed on to the general public.
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Educate Your Pupils

The founder F.M. Alexander described his teaching as, "a psycho-physical re-education in the Use of the Self'. Alexander teachers educate their pupils/patients /clients by bridging theory with practice, verbally and experientially during lessons. The teacher uses gentle, skilled hands-on work to demonstrate the Alexander principles (inhibition, non-doing and direction to the neck, head and back relationship) to people of all professions and walks of life, young and old. The unique skill of the Alexander teachers hands-on work is essential, as pupils then understand directly that which is being is verbally communicated.

The Alexander pupil can then begin to apply the Alexander principles in their daily life activities and interactions, in recreational activities, while playing music, sport, while acting, giving public talks, in the office or garden and importantly, when in pain or when in unexpected anxious moments arise. The Alexander principles help cultivate an ever-growing conscious awareness away from the automatic, habitual, harmful reactions, and this ability in turn allows creativity, and psycho-physical health and well-Being and some say, "peaceful, just Being."
Come and learn and enjoy - new experiences!


Marjory Barlow (Alexander's niece): "The point of using the hands is to put meaning into those words (the directions) because when a pupil comes to you at first it's like a lot of gibberish, it doesn't mean anything."

Walter Carrington: "The teacher's hands are the most important means by which the meaning of such phrases as 'neck to be free' and 'head forward and up', can be correctly conveyed to the pupil."

Patrick Macdonald: "The teacher can with his/her hands, counteract the wrong directions and persuade the pupil into giving the right directions, which must always begin with the directions to the neck, head and back."

Further Information: Interested participants to organise a teaching space and dates with Diana.

Email: OR Ph: 02 9955 0110. M. 0408 055 580

Costs to participants: For CPD sessions only. Private lessons, additional.

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Marjory Barlow

Diana Devitt-Dawson with trainee

Diana with trainee