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The Psychology of Music Performance Anxiety by Dianna Kenny

The Psychology of
Music Performance Anxiety

by Dianna Kenny


"Alexander Technique is a system that integrates the head with the opens the mind, frees the voice, releases the body and nurtures the imagination."

Ben Donenberg
Artistic Director,
Shakespeare Festival, LA

Body / Mind Balance for a Healthy Voice

The word Sprezzatura describes the behaviour of one who having assimilated the rules for the art of living, may then transcend them to achieve true freedom.

Perhaps Frederick Matthias Alexander understood such rules, for his teachings offer people of all ages a conscious use of themselves, free from the constraints of habit. It invites a way of Being that allows ease, naturalness and true spontaneity without affectation or technique.

The Alexander Technique is a psychophysical re-education for the conscious use of the self. It is an invaluable pedagogical tool for all those interested in healthy vocal function and for overcoming performance anxiety. Your birthright is to have free, articulate speech able to convey emotion, thought and intention without affectation.

In order to free the voice, you must first free yourself. Alexander lessons for voice are initially indirect and focus on eliminating harmful habits of use that interfere with natural balance, full capacity breathing and the production of sound. Lessons progress to instruction on articulation, intonation, rhythm, pace, pausation and phrasing.

Your voice, and or the music you make is unique to you and it can delight the listener when it comes from a place of temenos - of space, of ease - that allows true spontaneity, energy, confidence and joy, that place being yourself.

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A Psycho-physical, Emotional Re-education in the Use of the Self

"Every sound method of respiratory re-education, physical culture and voice training must be taught as an art, and can be taught only by an artist who alone is able to comprehend an art and to pass on his comprehension to the neophyte.
The eye of an artist is needed to apprehend the faults in a painting or in a work of sulpture and above all the defects in a human body. To the aptitudes and intuitions of an artist, however, something more must be added before it is possible to become an efficient teacher of my principles.
It is necessary to have special training in dealing with men and women and to have that keen eye for character needed to detect and eradicate the mental difficulties and the vocal, respiratory and other physiological delusions which almost invariably accompany physical defects."

F.M. Alexander
Extract from a letter to Dr. Scanes Spicer

"F.M. Alexander, a successful Shakespearean reciter and actor, having restored his own vocal function, recognised that the voice is but one part of the human organism. Its function is best understood not as a mechanism to be dealt with in isolation, but rather as a part within the whole organism that responds most accurately to the way in which one is employing his/her use in daily life."

Alexander Farkas
Vocal Coach/Alexander Teacher

Born to Sing by Ron Murdock

Born to Sing
by Ron Murdock

Music Book

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