Alexander Technique Institute and Teacher Training School

Director and Head of Training

Diana Devitt-Dawson

Diana Devitt-Dawson

Director and Head of Training, Diana Devitt-Dawson
Health Professional, M. AHPRA, Cert.M.STAT (London), M. AUSTAT, M.AIMA, M.ASPAH.

AHPRA, Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency
STAT, Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique, London, U.K.
AUSTAT, Australian Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique
AIMA, Australasian Integrative Medicine Association Inc
ASPAH, Australian Society for Performing Arts Healthcare

Diana a Tasmanian, is a health care professional RN/Midwife and a Head of Training. Diana underwent post-graduate work overseas studying orthopaedics at the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital in London and Emergency and cardiovascular stress management in Vancouver, Canada. In 1981 Diana returned to London to undertake the three year,1600 hour study - the Alexander Technique teacher training course, she now has over 29 years continuous teaching experience and is a second generation teacher. In 2008 Diana undertook an intensive training, for health professionals in MBSR, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction with Professor Jon Kabat-Zinn, University of Mass. Medical School, in New York. See:

Diana studied Alexander teacher training with Mr Patrick Macdodnald, M.A. (CANAB) who was trained by F.M. Alexander himself. Mr. Macdonald's assistant was Shoshana Kaminitz. Diana graduated in 1984 and in 1985 joined the teaching staff at the Alexander Institute in central London under the directorship of Wilfred Barlow MD, (Consultant Rheumatologist) and his wife Marjory Barlow (Alexander's niece). While in London (and with subsequent frequent visits) until 1990 Diana continued post-graduate studies and lessons with the first generation teachers Dr. Barlow and Marjory Barlow also Margaret Goldie, Elizabeth Walker and Walter Carrington. On her return to Melbourne Diana continued lessons with another first generation teacher, Erika Whittaker with whom she became frond friends and she explored with Erika how F.M. Alexander taught "the principles" of his work to pupils.

In 1990 Diana returned to London for further studies where she also assisted Mr. Patrick Macdonald on his last teacher training school (before his death in 1991) in Lewes, Sussex. Diana returned to Melbourne in late 1990.

In 1996 Diana moved to Sydney with her husband Geoff Dawson (psychologist) where she set up a private Alexander practice in central Sydney. In 2002 Diana became a Head of Training and Director at the Alexander Technique Institute & Teacher Training School in North Sydney. Diana conducts post-graduate training sessions for hands-on work, as well as offering CPD workshops and small group teaching sessions nationally and internationally in London and the States.

For meditators of All traditions Diana conducts, Mindful Embodiment - Meditation Posture Workshops to facilitate balance, ease and freedom in sitting and waling meditation - and into daily life. Diana is a Zen practitioner with the OMZS, Sydney. See:

Professional Development - National and International

Diana conducts CPD training and Alexander workshops in Australia, London and New York.

The first generation teachers who trained with F.M. Alexander and who influenced Diana's teaching

Diana's graduation 1984 Mr.Macdonald & Shoshana Kaminitz With Elizabeth Walker

Diana's graduation 1984.

Mr.Macdonald & Shoshana Kaminitz.

With Elizabeth Walker.

Diana & Erika Whittaker Marjory Barlow (Alexander’s niece) Dr. Wilfred Barlow & Marjory

Diana & Erika Whittaker.

Marjory Barlow (Alexander’s niece).

Dr. Wilfred Barlow & Marjory,

Diana's harp

Diana's harp