Alexander Technique Institute and Teacher Training School

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~ F.M. Alexander Teacher Training in its Authentic Form ~

The Director/HoT

Diana Devitt-Dawson

Diana Devitt-Dawson
Head of Training

Erin McCann with pupil

Erin McCann with pupil

New Graduates and staff

Maria McGivern, Mark Bennie,
Diana (HoT) Erin McCann,
Sheila Hale (enlarge)

The Teacher Training School offers:

A 1600 hour, 3 year training
Four mornings a week
Four terms per year

A Standard of Excellence

The training school opened in 2002 and offers a standard of excellence in Alexander teacher training by offering continuous and consistent training over three years. The Director and Head of Training, Diana Devitt-Dawson is a STAT (London) certified senior teacher and member. Diana and her assistant teachers abide by similar teacher training requirements as laid down by several first generation teachers, trained by F.M. Alexander and who were founding members of STAT's Constitution and Training Course Guidelines. The Alexander Technique Institute Teacher Training School is accredited by the Australian professional society, AUSTAT. Upon graduation, graduates who wish to become AUSTAT members will be recognised and can teach in overseas schools who have affiliation with STAT and are members of the International Affiliated Societies Group.

A Dedicated Environment

The ATI Teacher Training School is dedicated to providing trainees with the learning and development needs necessary to become fully competent and confident teachers. Teachers who are able to instruct and demonstrate, with clarity and simplicity, the 'core principles' that define and are unique to the Alexander Technique. Therefore, the ATI Teacher Training course curriculum does not include other disciplines, exercise programs, yoga, pilates or neuro-linguistic programming. Trainees receive a solid grounding in F.M. Alexander's teaching methodology in order to teach 'the principle' accurately, bridging theory with practice.

Individual Instruction

In order to assist the learning process the environment at the school is peaceful, mindful and supportive. The class size is kept small with a maximum of 10 trainees which allows the Head of Training to give individual instruction on a daily basis. The four consecutive mornings of consistent experiential and practical hands-on work is the minimum requirement for trainees to gain the necessary knowledge and deepen their understanding of the Alexander Technique.

National and International Input

The school has regular lectures from a psychologist, and workshops from national and international senior Alexander teachers and Heads of Training.

Regarding 'Flexi' and Part-time Training

The training course does not offer or recognise part-time, 'flexi' Alexander teacher training. This type of training is not recognised by STAT (London) The Society of Teacher of the Alexander Technique or by the International Affiliated Societies that uphold STAT Rules.

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Tuesday to Friday
8.30am - 12.30pm

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Teacher Training Course
offers traditional training
as recognised by
STAT (London).